ALLIANCE: Part 5 – Klara Beyeler

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Klara Beyeler, Enforced Arch

Klara Beyeler can handle a storm. Everything we ask of her is never too much and she is always in the best of spirits. She consistently pushes herself beyond her boundaries and because of this, her artistry will forever have exponential growth.

ALLIANCE, Enforced ArchOn April 6th and 7th, Enforced Arch is presenting their latest work, ‘ALLIANCE’ Art & Activism, which features past and current pieces by creative directors James Koroni and Tracey Katof. Klara Beyeler is a member of this project and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have her join us on this adventure! After rehearsal this past week we had an opportunity to ask her a few questions…

How do you as an individual live the ‘ALLIANCE’ of Art & Activism?

By being as open and authentic as I can. By being open, I learned and got more interest about how little behavior of the everyday life can make the difference. It reminds me that being part of a hole group, city, country, earth; through my actions, I inevitably share positive or negative energy with the world. I think we all should be aware of this responsibility and have the consciousness of what kind of energies and ideas you spread around you.

By being myself and trusting my instinct, I wish I can make that little difference for someone in the audience and make him feel the message.

What part of the rehearsal process or subject material did you find most inspiring?

I am fascinated how art and specially dance is a powerful way to share an idea and to make people want to act differently. During the process I was very touched by the emotion that Tracey and James are able to express through choreography. An extreme strong feeling to dance it, and I think it will be the most efficient point to get the audience understand the matter of activism : its when you’re emotionally moved that you start care about.

What did you learn from your experiences that you would like to share with others?

By leaving home to explore another culture, I open my mind more and more because I am consistently facing different behavior and way of thinking. I experience every day that judgement, resistance, fight or any negative reaction doesn’t help. That’s why I always try to share those ideas with all my love and compassion through my dance and life.

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James Koroni

About James Koroni

Author, James Koroni studied dance at ‘The Edge‘ in Los Angeles, ‘Broadway Dance Center‘ in New York City and Santa Monica College in Los Angeles. A few of his credits include choreographing and dancing for Princess Superstar in Paris, France, dancing for Madonna at MACY’s in Herald Square, performing in ‘Rhapsody’s Sirens after Dark‘ at the BLVD on Bowery, participated in the production of Bagabones at The Fringe Festival in New York City and teaching at Cynthia King Dance Studio in Brooklyn NYC. His Internships and Administrative credits include ‘Broadway Dance Center’ under the International Student Visa Program with Director Bonnie Erickson and is currently employed at Cynthia King Dance Studio in Brooklyn, NYC as Cynthia King’s Executive Assistant. “So much of life carries the potential to shock and excite me and whether traditional or controversial, if it offers compassion I find a reason to appreciate its beauty.” - James Koroni
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