PETA Takes On New York Fashion Week

PETA New York Fashion Week3

"...artistic expression is a vehicle for social change." said professional dancer, Kyle V Martin.

For New York Fashion Week, Enforced Arch founder and choreographer James Koroni teamed up with PETA. Their performance piece evoked compassion for animals who are killed to make fur garments.

"This is another way to get people to think about the cruelty of the fur industry by making them think, 'how would I feel if I was killed for my coat?' " said PETA campaign specialist Ashley Byrne. "I think when someone pictures the terrifying experience of being attacked and beaten, all because someone wants the coat off your back, they begin to understand what the animals who are killed for fur are going through."


Unless one is homeless, a traditional indigenous person living in cold climates, or in a truly life-threatening situation – there really is no good excuse for wearing fur. Fur performs no better than most synthetics when it comes to retaining warmth. Arctic explorers, alpine climbers, and cold-climate sports and adventurer’s gear typically lacks one thing: Fur. Considering the leaps and bounds textile producers have made in sustainable textile production, including imitation furs, there is no reason to put animals through such incredible amounts of pain and suffering. (SOURCE)

PETA New York Fashion Week


So many investigations, documentaries and exposés from Asia, to Europe, to North America contradict the outright lies being told on the pages of fashions magazines across the globe and under the pop-culture limelight. Here are some resources to see for yourself exactly how fur is made. Keep in mind, that while animal advocates stand to gain nothing but peace-of-mind, the fur industry stands to lose billions of consumer dollars:

Visit the International Anti-fur Coalition for a list of  70 international anti-fur organizations, or visit the list of the Fur Free Alliance for 35 more international anti-fur organizations. (SOURCE)


Most people who purchase fur garments do not know how they are made – and that’s not surprising, considering the monumental effort to keep the process hidden. Let’s say you have some fur, so now what? If you currently own a fur garment, or inherited one from family, why not donate it to coats for cubs or the homeless and turn a product that represents indifference to suffering into a life-saving object? (SOURCE)

Other professional artists that contributed to this performance:

Assistant Choreographer - Tracey Katof

Dancers - Dee Keaveney, James Koroni,  Kyle V Martin, Marie Paldrup, Rachel Hettinger, Tammi Greenberg, Paulette Lewis, Tracey Katof, Tyrone Bevans

Camera - Ben Effinger

Music - Watch Dogs by Notic Nastic

More info on the inherent cruelty of the fur industry at Reinvent The Icon:


Cynthia King Dance Studio Brooklyn, NY - Cynthia King Dance Studio's (CKDS) spring 2013 production, CYGNIFY! Is a spectacular leap forward for the school's students, and Artistic Director Cynthia King. Arriving at Brooklyn's Kumble Theater for the Performing Arts in April, CYGNIFY! is a fast-paced mélange featuring never before seen choreography performed by dancers of all ages.

Cynthia King Dance Studio

"Cynthia King Dance Studio, where they are transformed from children into dancers." - The New York Times

CYGNIFY! is an exuberant work that brings together ballerinas, breakdancers, and hoofers to a global soundtrack that includes classical Russian music, salsa, and live African drumming. CYGNIFY! audiences will experience a unique tour through scenes from Swan Lake, take an outer space excursion, and meet sneaky pink panthers and frisky flamingos.

"CYGNIFY! is colorful, creative, innovative, uplifting, and funny," says Cynthia King. "This performance includes some of the most challenging technique we've presented. It's filled with flares, helicopters, pirouettes, and grand jetés."

Friday, April 5; 7PM Saturday, April 6; 3PM, 6PM Sunday, April 7; 2PM, 5PM

Kumble Theater for the Performing Arts One University Plaza Brooklyn, NY 11201 (718) 488-1624

Tickets: $29.50

Cynthia King Dance Studio is a vital part of Brooklyn's rich dance culture. Training dancers and producing local performances for more than a decade, King is a major contributor to the local community and the driving force behind original and compelling dance works. CKDS continues to prioritize strong technical training, innovative performance, and community involvement to create a unique and personally rewarding experience for all of its dancers and their families. Learn more at

"connie & jimmy"

connie & jimmy "connie & jimmy" is romantic nostalgia. We romanticize the thought of taking a horse-carriage ride, as if it makes us feel connected to our ancestors. It's quite the opposite actually. To honor them we ought to observe the past and allow it to assist us in building a brighter future. We now know that the horse-drawn carriage industry is inhumane, dangerous to horses and people, and unnecessary. Alternatives are available. It's time to make history!

"connie & jimmy" supports New York State Senate and Assembly Bill S5013/A7748, sponsored by State Senator Tony Avella and Assembly Member Linda Rosenthal. This bill calls for a ban of horse-drawn carriages in New York City and finding good homes for all the carriage horses.

Gosh, don't get pulled in. Boycott horse-drawn carriages.

connie & jimmy

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Cynthia King Presents FRAMED

Cynthia King Dance Studio, Enforced Arch Brooklyn, NY - This October marks 50 years of dance for acclaimed CKDS Artistic Director and choreographer, Cynthia King. To celebrate the occasion, King offers audiences FRAMED, a unique, fast-paced assemblage of pieces incorporating a diverse collection of performers -- from aspiring young dancers to professionals. FRAMED will include original dance works ranging from the thought-provoking to the joyous, from pure camp to pure catharsis.

FRAMED October 6, 2012 7pm Kumble Theater for the Performing Arts One University Plaza Brooklyn, NY 11201 Box Office: (718) 488-1624 Tickets can be purchased at

FRAMED will continue the CKDS growing tradition of staging innovative productions performed for and by adults and children at Kumble Theatre for the Performing Arts in Brooklyn, NY. Says King, "I am excited to present this dynamic collection of works that truly represent many facets of my career in dance, and address the issues that I am passionate about."

Cynthia King, Enforced ArchCynthia King has danced professionally in New York and with touring companies. A Brooklyn devotee and fixture, she has taught at local schools and frequently hosts and participates in community and political events. She is a passionate animal advocate, producing Cynthia King Vegan Ballet Slippers-the only prêt-a-porter vegan ballet shoes available on the market, and has served on the boards of various animal welfare organizations. Her studio has trained dancers in Brooklyn for over ten years.

Select pieces will address serious political and ethical issues, ranging from the objectification of girls and women by society to animal rights, interspersed with light-hearted jaunts, for a compelling evening spanning a spectrum of emotions. King will dance with CKDS faculty, current students, and alumni. Special guests from the New York City arts community have shared their talents by composing original music, and designing sets and costumes. Dynamic Rockers will perform and drag queen activist Honey LaBronx will be our vivacious Master of Ceremonies.

Cynthia King Dance Studio, Enforced ArchAbout Cynthia King Dance Studio Since its beginnings, CKDS has brought excellence in dance to the Brooklyn community, inspiring the best in students of all ages. For more than a decade, CKDS has continued to prioritize technical training, innovative performance, and community involvement to create a unique and personally rewarding experience for all of its dancers and their families. Learn more at our website:

Dancers As A Force For Change

Please Don't Touch, Enforced Arch

James Koroni of Enforced Arch was interviewed by Dance Advantage. Here's a spotlight from that interview and a link to where you can read the rest:

Dance Advantage: Why did you create the Enforced Arch community?

James Koroni, Enforced ArchJames Koroni: All my life I have had a strong desire to sing, dance and entertain everyone. All of which was an attempt to brighten someones day.

As an adult I went through two devastating losses – each breathing new life into my love of performance art – - the death of my brother and later the loss of my father who both died of cancer.

It wasn’t until I felt the severity of my fathers illness that I knew I needed to change my own life. After he died I sought the truth behind the causes for cancer and I found an abundance of resources, including The China Study, linking many causes of cancer to our diets. This sent me on a a course of research that changed my life forever. The first step I took was adopting a vegan lifestyle, not only for my brother & father, but also for my health, the environment, and all of the animals suffering for our dinners. This discovery has filled my life with great intention.

Every moment following that day has contained yet another opportunity to inspire change through my lifestyle and as a dancer/choreographer. Dancers have a unique ability to speak to others and I value those who use this talent to create awareness.


Enforced Arch 'Alliance' IndieGoGo

In our spring performance with MixTape Dance Company at Manhattan Movement & Arts Center, Enforced Arch will be presenting a collection of past and new works sewn together honoring the 'Alliance' of art and activism.

These performances on April 6th and 7th mark the first presentation of works by the Enforced Arch creative directors, James Koroni and Tracey Katof. After only a year in existence Enforced Arch has traveled to D.C. New York City and Paris to perform. Enforced Arch has "spoken" for issues such as; Childhood Sexual Abuse, Animal Rights, Environmental Awareness, the It Get's Better Project and Domestic Violence.

Tracey Katof, James Koroni, Enforced Arch

We will continue to expand upon our already existing platform that keenly fuses Art & Activism but we need your help! In order to produce this show financially, we need all the support we can get. Everything from renting the performance venue, rehearsal space, costumes, etc. all cost a great deal but in the long run will help us spread awareness. Any amount, great or small is put to good use and is very much appreciated!

To make a donation click here:

Thank you for your support!


James Koroni Creative Director & Choreographer

Tracey Katof PR Director & Choreographer

"Inspiring performers everywhere!" -The Discerning Brute

"James Koroni uses his love of dance as a form of activism through his creation and curation of Enforced Arch, a group of performers who are using the power of their movements to create dialogue about big issues like animal welfare and social justice." -VegNews Magazine

Merci Beaucoup

James Koroni, Tracey Katof, Enforced Arch, Paris Enforced Arch would like to extend a special thanks to the following people who helped send the Anti-Fur performance piece 'Please, Don't Touch' to Paris. Our community has grown as a result and new opportunities have presented themselves. We created this video to thank everyone for their unconditional support. Enjoy: Thank you; Amanda Lee, Andrea Rosa, Andrea Torres, The Anti-Fur Society, Beatrice Cox, Bettina May, Blossom Du Jour, Bonnie Erickson, Brooke B Toohey, Bud Burdick, Carly Fox Horton, Celine Orang, Clara Lofaro, CocoaV, Creadanse, Daphne Cheng, David & Nancy Dorius, Elizabeth Castoria, Esther Bell, Foodswings, Gavin Reign, Hope Kandel, Jasmin Singer, Jennifer Fox, Judith Vogel, Julia Hochner, Joshua Katcher, Kristin Mularz, Lauren Cox, Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, Marcia Fox, Margo Martinez, Marlena Pavich, Mary Sarsfield, Melissa Fornabaio, Michel Lambert, Michele Bernstein, Michelle Cohen Carpenter, Nicole Johnson, Nina Athanasakos, Pamela Elizabeth, Paris Vegan Day, Rachel Kay, Rebecca Hall, Shelley Ohmes, Stacie Adams, Tarik Daniels, The Gentle Gourmet, Vaute Couture, Vegan Paris Day, VegNews, Verité Catering, The West Cafe, Tracey Katof, Zachary Koval