connie & jimmy - episode 2

In the second installment of “connie & jimmy”, an episodic 1940’s black & white mini-series, a couple deals with a hairy situation that’s not so black & white. Jimmy has all the best intentions but he can’t seem to avoid slipping up. Good thing Connie can keep him in check with her talent for turning classic songs on their heads in an effort to teach Jimmy an important fashion faux pas. “connie & jimmy” keeps your heart all aflutter but your feet on the ground.


Even though “connie & jimmy” are living in the 1940’s they’d be astounded at what visionary designers such as Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart of Vaute Couture and Joshua Katcher of Brave GentleMan are doing.

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Sunsetboys by Notic Nastic - Official Video

Notic Nastic, SunsetboysJames Koroni & Tracey Katof, Creative Directors of Enforced Arch and KaKoNYC, were commissioned by recording artist Notic Nastic, along with video artist Joshua Katcher to create a music video for their latest single, Sunsetboys.

"The video is about a race of super intellegent alien women, who come to earth in hopes of impregnating the earth boys with hope, smarts and higher vision for the future. it's an artsy take on the revolution in action!!" - Notic Nastic

Sunsetboys Official Video HERE

Recording Artist – Notic Nastic Video Director – Joshua Katcher Choreographers & Producers – James Koroni, Tracey Katof Dancers – Charles Alexis Desgagnes, Christopher Nolen, James Koroni, Julio Hugo Penagos, Katherine Roarty, Keshia Robinson, Lauren Cox, Tracey Katof Womens’ apparel – Ruffeo Hearts Lil Snotty Mens’ shoes – Brave GentleMan Womens’ shoes – Cri De Coeur and Novacas, courtesy of Mooshoes


Paris Journal 2011 Part 1

James Koroni, Joshua KatcherWalking through the streets of Paris today I noticed that many Parisians present themselves in such a way that shows self respect and confidence. I don't mean designer labels and expensive accessories. I'll call it thoughtful. I appreciate their thoughtful sensibilities because I very similarly put thought into what I wear, for example, in the image above Joshua Katcher & I are both wearing vegan biker jackets from APRIL 77. The "Mastermind" shoes on the left are from Brave Gentleman, an eco-vegan brand. I previously wore these shoes for the dance promo video Cut Color Move. Here are a few vegan meals I've enjoyed thus far:

Airplane Food: chickpea masala, white rice & broccoli, romaine salad with tomatoes & olive oil/balsamic dressing & honeydew. Bon appétit!

Airplane Food, Enforced Arch

Dinner: grain baguette, Vitaquell Creme Olives, Vegi-Cheezly & Taifun Papillon.

Baguette, Vegan Cheese, Vegan Deli Meat, Olive Spread, Enforced Arch

Paris Journal 2011 Part 1 Paris Journal 2011 Part 2 Paris Journal 2011 Part 3 Paris Journal 2011 Part 4 Paris Journal 2011 Part 5 Paris Journal 2011 Part 6 Paris Journal 2011 Part 7 Paris Journal 2011 Part 8 Paris Journal 2011 Part 9 Paris Journal 2011 Part 10 Paris Journal 2011 Part 11 Paris Journal 2011 Part 12 Paris Journal 2011 Part 13


James Koroni Choreographer Enforced Arch I am thrilled to release my proudest work yet! So many talented artists worked on this project including Layla Joy an Aveda Cosmetologist, Tracey Katof a commercial and Broadway Showcase Choreographer as the Assistant Choreographer, and Joshua Katcher a talented video artist from Perhaps Media Production Co. stepped in to help capture every moment I had envisioned for Cut Color Move.

Cosmetologist, Layla Joy, contributed all Aveda hair products and sourced them to be cruelty free and environmentally responsible.  Styling for the dancers was either borrowed, thrift or all cruelty free sourced vegan materials. Lifestyle icon, Joshua Katcher recently released his Mens Eco Shoe line which can be seen, worn by me, from his upcoming online store,

Without further ado, 'Cut Color Move'! For more on James Koroni and Enforced Arch website visit the About page!

Jump On Board, PINNACLE

PINNACLE: Reinvent the Icon, James KoroniWhen I saw the call for fashion forward - forward thinking people, I couldn't resist lending a hand or foot.  PINNACLE: Reinvent The Icon is an image-driven initiative consisting of fashion industry professionals from all areas of fashion culture who are clarifying the changed meaning of fur within the context of our current culture. PINNACLEproduces editorial stories, and works with informed designers, models, and other professionals to create accessories and various forms of visual art. A group of us dropped by the headquarters of the most powerful fashion publications in the world to let them know about PINNACLE: Reinvent The Icon. Here are some pics from the photo shoot. .