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image copy 2Nicole Javanna Johnson (left) of Javanna Productions will begin administering the new Vanna Ed. Arts & Education Program today, July 1st! Kids, parents, friends and MOVERS, please join them on Friday July 4th to celebrate their first week of operation at the Living Gallery in Brooklyn, NY. Desserts, s'mores, performances, movies, games, food and fun!! Join as they celebrate the opening of their new community center. 4th of July Party: Friday July 4th 12:00 PM-4:00 PM. Location: THE LIVING GALLERY; 1094 Broadway between Dekalb and Malcolm X. 
Take the F to Myrtle st. OR take the J to Kosciusko.

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The Vanna Ed. Membership provides students of all ages with an array of courses, resources, networking opportunities and performance opportunities that prepare them to enter a variety of professional industries post graduation. Visit their website to learn more about the classes and services offered at Vanna Ed.

Hours of operation: 10:00-4:00
 Monday thru Friday.

Hip hop workshops*
Contemporary workshops* 
Tap workshops* 
Ballet workshops 
*Musical Theater workshops* 
A Capella singing*
Meisner Acting technique
*Scene work
*Monologue work *
On camera classes*
Culinary arts
*Film editing *
Music composition*
Movie screenings
*Board games*
Community breakfast* 
Arts and Crafts *
Visual art *
Creative writing *
Community garden activities *
Field Trips* Fashion * Sewing * Intro to Modeling * Regents Prep * Illustration* MUCH MORE!


Julia Juhas, Chelsey Duplak, Alana Randall, Sarah Zielinski

Julia Juhas, Chelsea Duplak, Alana Randall, Sarah Zielinski

Anthony Sanchez, Allen Strouse, Tony Ponella, Joseph Lucherini

M.O.V.E. - Grant's Safari

MOVE, Enforced Arch Last week I had the pleasure of witnessing Grant's Safari, from Javanna Productions, under the creative direction of Nicole Johnson. When it comes to the Safari you might imagine a ruthless world but in watching 'Grant's Safari', I had a very different experience. It's complexity was worth being taken on a journey through.

MOVE, Enforced Arch

Nicole Johnson derived inspiration from her brother who is a member of the autistic community. She explained that there is no need to focus on the limitations of these individuals. They have many talents and aspirations. She tapped into her brothers driving force, which happens to be the Safari. Her brother, Grant Johnson can name more animals and facts about them than anyone she knows. This fascinating truth is why Nicole decided to collaborate with him to create 'Grant's Safari'.

You can follow Nicole Johnson's community efforts here:!

MOVE, Enforced Arch

MOVE, Enforced Arch

MOVE, Enforced Arch

MOVE, Enforced Arch

Keep Breathing

Andrea TorresAndrea Torres choreographed 'Keep Breathing' on a group of talented dancers including herself, Joan Heeringa, Klara Beyeler, Paulette Lewis and Stephanie Bissonnette. They performed it at the M.O.V.E. For Cambodia Gala in NYC. This event focuses it's efforts on raising money to build a new school in Cambodia and bring awareness to current issues surrounding sex trafficking and drug addiction. 'Keep Breathing' symbolizes the pain and suffering these victims goes through but then shows that with a helping hand, like the M.O.V.E. For Cambodia benefit, together we can develop ways to end their suffering.

Dear Stranger

Dear Stranger, Enforced ArchDance inspires action, expresses ideas or wisdom, and is given as a gift to others. 'Mover,' Nicole Javanna Johnson has developed a way to implement all three of these elements to make a difference for others while doing what she loves. Johnson created Javanna Productions, a nonprofit organization that presents an annual effort entitled M.O.V.E.: Motivation Opportunity Vision Entertainment. In this effort all are encouraged to take action, be creative and develop a stronger sense of community within their neighborhoods while raising funds for a cause. This years efforts are entitled M.O.V.E. The Cambodia Project. They are working with the Bernie Krisher foundation to build a school in rural Cambodia, thereby raising awareness and funds for education. The following excerpt from M.O.V.E. The Cambodia Project’s theme song by Bridget Barkan describes our relationship to those whose shoes we may not have walked in, but in light of, whose experiences we can certainly dance:

Dear Stranger, I love you, (I love you) I know, what this world can do to you.

Dear Stranger, I need you. You need me too. Together we can make it through.

The people of Cambodia have faced deep tragedy in the last century. Recovering from genocide requires much forethought. Generous action from strangers will help catapult progress. By building schools we teach Cambodian children their history and generate a light of hope. M.O.V.E. The Cambodia Project has set a goal to raise $20,000 in funds to support their cause.

Fortunately New York City is culturally diverse and provides its patrons with tremendous opportunities in which we can spread awareness and instill what change is needed. Johnson grasps these opportunities to spread Cambodia’s needs, and without question, onlookers emphatically express interest and find ways to support her efforts.

Dear Stranger, Enforced ArchM.O.V.E. The Cambodian Project was most recently seen at the New York Dance Parade with support of Broadway Dance Centers educational department. Now in its fifth year it has brought together almost ten thousand dancers, almost two hundred dance organizations and nearly one hundred unique styles. Before May 21st these dancers may have been considered strangers, but when brought together with a common love for dance one can appreciate and experience their power. Click here for more on M.O.V.E. The Cambodian Project.

Click here to donate and help them reach their goals!

Photography by Serena Dykman

Arrest Yourself, Yet Again!

Arrest Yourself, James KoroniIf you missed out on our last performance of 'Arrest Yourself' here's your chance to see us live! ‎'M.O.V.E. For Autism' created by 'Mover' Nicole Johnson! April 26th (tonight) from 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM 52nd St Project Theater 2nd floor btwn 52nd & 53rd St on 10th Ave.

Students: $10.00 Adults: $15.00

Arrest Yourself, James Koroni'Arrest Yourself' Choreographer: James Koroni Dancers: Aubrey Bailey, James Koroni, Kiet Lam, Lauren Cox & Scott HamiltonArrest Yourself, James Koroni

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

MOVE for AutismOur compassionate 'Mover' Nicole Johnson created an initiative for dancers to contribute their "voice" to assist communities with compromised living conditions. She developed JP, Javanna Productions, when she was thirteen years old and since then has had a very positive response from audiences across the country.

JP's 'M.O.V.E.' is their most recent endeavor which is ultimately trying to make the world an easier place to live in. They focus on many different social issues and reach out to those who are in need of resources such as the Autistic community, the Cambodian community, Cancer stricken patients in the U.S. and an orphanage in Uganda. They intend to raise awareness and funds for these causes while using their craft and doing what makes them happy.

Check out their promotional video:

Here's where you can contribute. Simply stop by and enjoy the show! The most charming aspect of Nicole Johnson's 'M.O.V.E.' is all her efforts inspire happiness in the lives of those involved.

Move For Autism


Nicole Johnson


Nicole Johnson is a freshman at NYU studying social entrepreneurship via public administration and the arts. After moving from Miami, FL in the Fall of 2008, Nicole re-launched her production company, Javanna Productions, and presented an effort entitled M.O.V.E which stands for Motivation Opportunity Vision Entertainment. Javanna Productions' M.O.V.E is an effort that not only promotes awareness and raises funds for rising issues, but it provides today's generation and generations to come with an example of brotherly responsibility. JP's MOVE seeks to encourage pre-teens, teens and young adults to be productive, be creative, be aware of local and worldly issues and develop a stronger sense of community within their neighborhoods. This year, Javanna Productions' M.O.V.E. is raising funds and awareness for the need for education in rural parts of the world. Nicole is working with the Bernie Krisher Rural School Project Foundation to build a school in rural Cambodia within the next two years. Since 2008 M.O.V.E. has raised money and awareness for organizations like Autism Speaks, QSAC, Children of Uganda, Church Of Christ in Ghana and the Fivers Foundation. In addition to the productions and events she hosts monthly, Nicole has performed in runs of A Chorus Line as Cassie, Into The Woods as the Witch and Rosie in Bye Bye Birdie receiving the National Youth Theater Awards' Best Actress in a Musical title for all three roles.

"M.O.V.E. is innovation. M.O.V.E. is inspiration. M.O.V.E. is change and change is needed." -Nicole Johnson