PETA Takes On New York Fashion Week

PETA New York Fashion Week3

"...artistic expression is a vehicle for social change." said professional dancer, Kyle V Martin.

For New York Fashion Week, Enforced Arch founder and choreographer James Koroni teamed up with PETA. Their performance piece evoked compassion for animals who are killed to make fur garments.

"This is another way to get people to think about the cruelty of the fur industry by making them think, 'how would I feel if I was killed for my coat?' " said PETA campaign specialist Ashley Byrne. "I think when someone pictures the terrifying experience of being attacked and beaten, all because someone wants the coat off your back, they begin to understand what the animals who are killed for fur are going through."


Unless one is homeless, a traditional indigenous person living in cold climates, or in a truly life-threatening situation – there really is no good excuse for wearing fur. Fur performs no better than most synthetics when it comes to retaining warmth. Arctic explorers, alpine climbers, and cold-climate sports and adventurer’s gear typically lacks one thing: Fur. Considering the leaps and bounds textile producers have made in sustainable textile production, including imitation furs, there is no reason to put animals through such incredible amounts of pain and suffering. (SOURCE)

PETA New York Fashion Week


So many investigations, documentaries and exposés from Asia, to Europe, to North America contradict the outright lies being told on the pages of fashions magazines across the globe and under the pop-culture limelight. Here are some resources to see for yourself exactly how fur is made. Keep in mind, that while animal advocates stand to gain nothing but peace-of-mind, the fur industry stands to lose billions of consumer dollars:

Visit the International Anti-fur Coalition for a list of  70 international anti-fur organizations, or visit the list of the Fur Free Alliance for 35 more international anti-fur organizations. (SOURCE)


Most people who purchase fur garments do not know how they are made – and that’s not surprising, considering the monumental effort to keep the process hidden. Let’s say you have some fur, so now what? If you currently own a fur garment, or inherited one from family, why not donate it to coats for cubs or the homeless and turn a product that represents indifference to suffering into a life-saving object? (SOURCE)

Other professional artists that contributed to this performance:

Assistant Choreographer - Tracey Katof

Dancers - Dee Keaveney, James Koroni,  Kyle V Martin, Marie Paldrup, Rachel Hettinger, Tammi Greenberg, Paulette Lewis, Tracey Katof, Tyrone Bevans

Camera - Ben Effinger

Music - Watch Dogs by Notic Nastic

More info on the inherent cruelty of the fur industry at Reinvent The Icon:

Treeline Dance Works & Friends In Concert

Treeline Dance Works On April 20th,  2013, Treeline Dance Works, a modern dance performance co-op based in NYC and Phoenix, presents an evening of dance by Artistic Directors Jenny Showalter (AZ) and Lyndsey Vader (NJ) with guest artists Megan Bascom (FL), Kirstin Kapustik (PA), and Merisha Meshihovic (Sweden). Dedicated to honoring the creative voices of its multiple collaborators, Treeline Dance Works & Friends creates kinetically charged works rooted in the wellspring of memory.

The performance will begin at 8:00 PM at the Salvatore Capezio Theater at Peridance. For more information and tickets, please visit

WHO:        Treeline Dance Works Artistic Directors, Jenny Showalter and Lyndsey Vader WHAT:      Treeline Dance Works & Friends in Concert WHEN:      Saturday, April 20, 2013  at 8:00 pm WHERE:    Salvatore Capezio Theater at Peridance | 126 East 13th St. NY, NY

About Treeline Dance Works

Treeline Dance Works is a New York City and Phoenix-based modern dance performance co-op under the direction of co-founders Jenny Showalter and Lyndsey Vader. It is the mission of Treeline Dance Works to honor the creative voices and artistic input of its multiple collaborators through joint investment in movement research.

With an emphasis on an open feedback forum, this collaborative entity entangles juxtaposition in movement, intermingling the quirky with the athletic, the subtle with the explosive, and the personal with the universal. Treeline Dance Works creates kinetically charged works rooted in the wellspring of deeply intimate memories, thoughts, and encounters.

The company has been presented in over 32 venues across the United States including the Ailey Citigroup Theater, 92nd St. Y, Manhattan Movement and Arts Center, Kodak Hall at Eastman Theatre, and the Merce Cunningham Studio. In 2011, the company had its international debut at Les 7eme Rencontres UPPAdance in France. The company will return to Europe in September of 2013 to perform in Abundance Dance Festival in Sweden. Choreography by the artistic co-directors of Treeline Dance Works has been set on Perpetual Motional Modern Dance Oklahoma, INC., Grand Valley State University, University of Buffalo, Western Illinois University, and Ball State University.

M.O.V.E. For Liberia

Photo Credit: Jarrid Jones Dirraj Inc.

Today's youth are failing to fulfill their full potential as effective citizens of their communities on both a national and a global scale. In efforts to fulfill their potential as young effective citizens, members of Javanna Productions M.O.V.E. (Motivation Opportunity Vision Entertainment) will introduce their form of community service in honor of this year's M.O.V.E. For Liberia effort. M.O.V.E. For Liberia is an effort that is raising funds to empower a village in Liberia through the implementation of solar power tools. The Sun Giant Foundation is the ultimate recipient of funds raised from the M.O.V.E. For Liberia effort. Sun Giant is responsible for creating, installing and managing solar power energy tools and resources in Nehemiah, Liberia.

Spring Choreography Collaboration Project entitled REM. REM is a full length contemporary piece that questions the notions and players in civil war conflict and international aid.

DATE: March 30th, 2013 - 8PM LOCATION: Paul Taylor Dance Theater 551 Grand St: Take the F to Essex St.


CHOREOGRAPHERS: Emily Greenwell Lexi Dysart Sam Glennerster

DIRECTORS: Nicole Javanna Johnson Emily Bufferd Clare Maceda

Bitter End - Sweet Offerings

Dana Foglia Dance

Matthew Murphy Ryan Davis "aka FOCUS Photography"

Join Dana Foglia Dance TONIGHT, January 15th 2013, 10PM at The Bitter End!

Live music, Dana Foglia Dance, and guest performances. You wont want to miss it - come and support your local NYC artists! Tickets are only $7 at the door.

The Bitter End 147 Bleecker St, New York, New York 10012-1437


Futuristic, athletic, fearless, mesmerizing, super human dancing. All of these words have been used to describe Dana Foglia and her company. Artistic Director/Choreographer, Dana Foglia is truly the cutting edge of commercial hip hop and contemporary fusion. She and her dancers bring incredible classical technique with strength, raw street styles and sophisticated nuance. With her visionary artistic direction, Dana takes the audience to another place, allowing them to feel something almost unimaginable, transfixing them and always leaving them wanting more. From studying at the Ailey School to touring the world with Beyonce, Dana's experience as a performer has always been wonderfully diverse. Her company shares this great depth in their theatricality and artistic mentality.

Support this company by donating to their Kickstarter Page HERE!

New York Moves

New York Moves 'New York Moves' is a dance concert series presenting the work of New York choreographers in effort to raise money for victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Presenting works by: Lauren Adams Sidra Bell Dance New York BEings dance - Emily Bufferd R.E.D(Rhapsody En Dance)-Rhapsody James Calen Kurka Billy Larson Dana Foglia Dance Shelly Hutchinson David Marquez The Next Stage Project-Marijke Eliasberg, Jana Hicks Synthesis Dance Project- Tracie Stanfield Kristen Sudeikis Wes Veldink

TUES. DECEMBER 18th 2012 8:30pm at Manhattan Movement & Arts Center 248 West 60th St., New York, New York 10023 Tickets can be purchased online at $15 General Admission $12 Student Discount

100% OF PROCEEDS are going to the communities on the New York shores during their recovery and rebuild phase from this disaster.

The storm has passed but there are so many people who were suddenly left homeless, many of them sick and elderly. Shorelines destroyed and once thriving, small businesses gone. Rebuilding and clean up is going to be the most difficult part and these people need help!

Let us contribute whatever we can to let them know they’re not alone. Let’s help them get to what resembles a normal life again. A line up of beautiful dancers and big hearts. You don't want to miss this!

For anyone who cannot attend the concert and would like to donate, or CAN attend the concert and would like to help a little more, please direct donations to a local non-profit helping the Rockaway community since 2001:

Scott Hamilton: Arrest Yourself, Part 2 of 4

Arrest Yourself Choreography by James Koroni“Ignorance Is Bliss?” Arrest Yourself! By avoiding inconvenient and unpleasant information we hide from the worlds current state. Whether it be Factory Farming, Green House Gas or Social Justice we must understand and address these issues before it’s too late. SCOTT HAMILTON, "I am a King with a million servants. At any moment, someone somewhere is doing work for me. Making my food, sweeping up trash, sewing the clothes I wear.  Just about anything I need is provided for me. Things are so easily accessible why would anyone bother worrying about where they came from? Could I answer that question most of the time? Probably not. Everyday I am bombarded with goods, services Scott Hamiltonand information, and the most difficult part of the day is simply choosing what I want.

Modern civilization has become highly fragmented and micro-focused on the individual; while all this is happening, who among us will step back and take the time to focus on a more macro level?  What happened to, “The Greater Good”, and something more than ourselves?

I believe technology and the modern world have trained us to become numb and accepting of ignorance on some levels. Our ever growing desire to cater to the individual only perpetuates the issue, as we shift focus from our fellow man to ourselves at ever increasing rates. When we don’t know who to blame for our growing feelings of isolation in an ever connected world, and the irony of the situation becomes too much to reconcile in our own minds, we point fingers. In reality, we as individuals need to be held accountable.

I think it’s within human nature to crave knowledge and we need to start making real efforts towards being completely responsible for our own actions and knowing what important role we play within our society.

Its natural to be self centered, but to do so to the degree with which you would lose connection to society as a whole and blind yourself with ignorance is frightening. Even a King must listen and understand their people to survive."Scott Hamilton Scott Hamilton began his dance training in 2005 at Western Michigan University. Prior to relocating to New York City, Scott received Degrees in International Marketing, Vocal Performance and Dance Performance in April 2008. With New York as his base, Scott’s been busy touring and performing internationally, entertaining in theaters around the United States, and giving back to students right here in New York. His goal was to be doing what he loves, and thankfully he loves it more and more each day. "Laugh often, and tell the people you love, that you love them."

Performance of Arrest Yourself, February 19th 2011 @ 7PM!

Kumble Theater- One University Plaza Brooklyn, NY 11201

TICKETS Discount Code: BeKind

LAUREN COX: Arrest Yourself Part 1 of 4 KIET LAM: Arrest Yourself, Part 3 of 4 JAMES KORONI: Arrest Yourself, Part 4 of 4

First Class Gal

Bettina May Took a night on the town to Park Side at 317 Houston Street to see Bettina May in action. Her performances are sensational! Offering the crowd an experience that takes you away from the NYC stress and into the charming smiles of Lady Bettina May's sweet character.

[imagebrowser id=7]

Bettina is sharing the secrets of Burlesque at Beauty Bar Sunday, Jan 16th!

Beauty Bar

It's a must!

Trials & Tribulations

Anja Keister


Anja Keister is a compassionate 'Mover' to be on the look out for! Drawing from her background in performance art and stage productions, Anja Keister sets out to create original burlesque acts that explore the ideas of beauty, femininity, gender roles and the cult of pop culture. Combining spectacular theatricality with the bizarre, Anja thrives in the New York neo-burlesque scene, pushing audiences to question their own definitions of what is beautiful, what is sexy, and what makes them uncomfortable. Always a fan of the beauty of decay and deconstruction, Anja Keister hopes to change herself and the world with every garment she removes.

“Burlesque is known for its feathers and silk and neo-burlesque also incorporates a lot of the fetish world into the acts, so often there can be a lot of leather involved. Sticking to my ethical beliefs has been quite a challenge, but I feel it’s only made me more creative in my work. How does one have a feather boa or fan without feathers? I’ve had to do a lot of research and in fact I’ve documented and journal a lot of this work, frustration and discovery in my blog: The Trials and Tribulations of Becoming a Vegan Burlesque Performer.” -Anja Keister