Tracey Katof

Tracey Katof, Enforced ArchTRACEY KATOF

Tracey Katof graduated magna cum laude from Hofstra University with a Bachelors of Dance. She also trained at Alvin Ailey Dance Theater, Dance New Amsterdam, and Ballet Academy East in New York City. Tracey has contributed choreography and performed for both stage and video productions. A few of her credits include HBO award winning comedian Rebecca Drysdale, international pop star Sasha, Calabash Records, Naganuma Dance, Avodah Dance Company, and The Society for Cultural Exchange. In collaboration with James Koroni, she a was invited to Paris to perform at La Bellevilloise. Tracey is honored to be working with a talented cast and production team as the choreographer of Lemon Meringue.

"I choose dance as my form of communication and self expression because I feel speaking through movement is the natural global language. In addition,  I hope that my body and movement can serve as a vessel for social change and awareness.  My dancing is driven by my devotion to a cause and a desire to express truth.  If I can spark an emotion or idea in an audience member that leads to a positive change, then I have accomplished my goal. In a sense, I dance to be larger than myself." -Tracey Katof