Foh Real? Faux Feathers!

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Bettina May & James Koroni

Where in the world is Bettina May? Well she’s in New York City. Certainly wouldn’t be the same without her. Her innovative performances are more than just fanfare. Every bit of her costuming, performance and smile are genuinely committed to ending cruelty. She showed up to teatime today in a FAKE full length fur coat with matching hat. When I asked her where she acquired her matching set, she said, “I sew, made it myself.” Well that’s impressive! Little did I know she envisions and creates all of her own costumes. Her resistance to the mainstream costuming industry is that traditional Burlesque dancers use feathers, leather, and fur in all their performances with little thought of who they took it from. You don’t need these items to entertain, be creative, innovative and inspire others to not feed into unfortunate tradition. We must not get involved with indulgent lifestyles that breed thoughtless performance rather evolve along with the environment and return the respect. Very refreshing to meet such a unique ‘Mover’ in our industry!

Check out her home made “Feather” Headdress in a performance entitled,

‘Don’t Touch My Tomatoes!’

Live PluckingWhile one end of a feather is soft to the touch, tickle worthy and awe inspiring there is another end of this quill that isn’t quite as lovely. Live plucking is of commonplace among feather producing farms. If you thought getting hair waxed off was painful, imagine living a lifestyle, against your will, where being “waxed” regularly for anothers kicks and giggles was all you understood.

Alternative choices are available!

Coquette Faux Furriers

Bettina May’s Links

For more on Miss Bettina May check out her website, click on the link below!

Bettina May

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James Koroni

About James Koroni

Author, James Koroni studied dance at ‘The Edge‘ in Los Angeles, ‘Broadway Dance Center‘ in New York City and Santa Monica College in Los Angeles. A few of his credits include choreographing and dancing for Princess Superstar in Paris, France, dancing for Madonna at MACY’s in Herald Square, performing in ‘Rhapsody’s Sirens after Dark‘ at the BLVD on Bowery, participated in the production of Bagabones at The Fringe Festival in New York City and teaching at Cynthia King Dance Studio in Brooklyn NYC. His Internships and Administrative credits include ‘Broadway Dance Center’ under the International Student Visa Program with Director Bonnie Erickson and is currently employed at Cynthia King Dance Studio in Brooklyn, NYC as Cynthia King’s Executive Assistant. “So much of life carries the potential to shock and excite me and whether traditional or controversial, if it offers compassion I find a reason to appreciate its beauty.” - James Koroni
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  • Jez

    Nice to see that the thought and extra effort is used in making the costumes and clothing. Many people just take the easy and inexpensive way out. If you have any links for faux feathers I’d love to know finding them hard to find :(

    • James Koroni

      Hello Jez,

      I recommend contacting Bettina through her website with this inquiry:

      Also here is a website for vegan burlesque dancers that may be useful to you:


      James Koroni