FOOD: Part 1 of 6

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Like many branches of science, nutritional science is constantly being updated, added to, and changed. But unlike most other scientific disciplines, the general population, at least Food, Enforced Archin western and westernized countries, wants to know these changes and feels directly implicated by them. This is because what nutritional science has to say–or at least what the popular media have to say about findings in nutrition–carries great implications for everyone’s health and appearance. It is also in part because highly-westernized countries such as the U.S. do not, relatively speaking, have a traditional food culture, and so what people eat is frequently subject to change based on governmental and commercial interests.
While many finer points are disputed within this field, there exists a handful of guidelines that are almost universally promoted. According to general recommendations made by many top health authorities, most people would improve their health by:

1) increasing intake of vegetables and fruits;
2) replacing refined grains with whole grains;
3) decrease intake of processed foods and animal foods;
4) ensuring regular consumption of nuts and seeds;
5) increasing intake of clean water.

While there are many other recommendations for improving nutritional intake, I believe these five serve as a strong foundation for most people looking to benefit their health. I’ll explicate these five points one at a time in future articles. (Disclaimer)

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Sebastian Grubb

About Sebastian Grubb

Sebastian Grubb is a dancer and personal trainer based in San Francisco. He tours nationally with AXIS Dance Company, having joined the company in 2009. He also performs regularly with Scott Wells & Dancers, freelances, teaches, and creates his own work. As a choreographer, Sebastian draws from his background in theatre, athletics, and philosophy to create work that seeks to be beautiful, conceptual, and a bit odd. As a dance teacher, he places great focus on developing healthy movement patterns that support a lifetime of dynamic movement. In addition to dancing, Sebastian is a private fitness instructor for individuals and small groups. Most of this work is done outside in parks, on stairways and up hills. He is a firm believer in training the body and mind as an integrated whole in order to achieve sustainable results on all levels. He also offers nutrition coaching to his clients and writes about many health-related subjects. “I became vegan for my health and have remained so out of compassion for other animals and the planet. I lead by example when I perform on stage or workout with my clients, showing that a vegan diet is more than adequate for a healthy, vigorous lifestyle.” -Sebastian Grubb
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