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Whole Moves Fitness Training!

For those of you in the San Francisco Bay Area, you ought to check out WHOLE MOVES! It’s new a fitness class for dancers and others with embodied professions and hobbies brought to you by Sebastian Grubb. Details: Wednesdays, 12-1pm … Continue reading

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First Steps to Weight Loss

PART TWO: Eat Salad Every Day THE BIG PICTURE Leafy green vegetables, especially dark green ones, are the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. That makes the act of eating a salad one of the most important things you can … Continue reading

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First Steps To Weight Loss

PART 1: Stop Drinking Calories! THE BIG PICTURE When we say “body weight” and “weight loss”, we are usually talking about fat mass and decreasing it. Muscle and other tissues make up a lot of our weight also, but few … Continue reading

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Catching Up With Sebastian Grubb

Enforced Arch ‘Mover’ and contributor, Sebastian Grubb takes life one step at a time but carries the world in his arms. Tackling fitness, nutrition and dance in one lifetime may seem overwhelming but for him, it’s done with grace. He … Continue reading

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Enforced Arch made the FINALS! We need your help. It only takes 10 seconds to vote and it’s just ONE CLICK. Visit the link, scroll down, select Enforced Arch and click vote. Thank you! VOTE HERE!

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Photo courtesy of niaid.nih.gov VITAMIN B-12 For those who only consume plant foods (“vegans”) or those who have a hard time absorbing B-12 (generally, the older we get, the harder it is), taking a B-12 supplement is highly recommended by … Continue reading

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Rise and Fall of the Machines

Using machines to workout has become commonplace in our culture. For many people they are irreplaceable. But let’s pause for a moment: is there anything strange about using machinery to train our bodies? Well, it’s certainly a good way to … Continue reading

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VITAMIN D DETAILS Vitamin D is required by the body to absorb and utilize calcium. Without enough Vitamin D in the body, one will not be able to keep one’s bones strong by maintaining their calcium balance. Vitamin D is … Continue reading

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BONE HEALTH: QUANTITY AND TYPE OF EXERCISE The less one exercises, the more one is likely to develop weak bones. This is especially true for women because of their particular hormone levels and patterns. Bones that weaken tend to do … Continue reading

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Scott Wells & Dancers

A Walk In The Parkour I first heard about Scott through a friend who basically said, ‘You should work with this guy. He likes using athletic dancers in his pieces.’ At that time I wasn’t living in San Francisco, but … Continue reading

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