Enforced Arch, founded by James Koroni, uses its exceptional and distinctive talent to put environmental and social issues on display. These dancers often make use of transmedia and performance art to bring vital concerns into light.


EnforcedArch Creative Directors, James Koroni & Tracey Katof On The Kiner Hour Radio Show w/ AshaniMfuko

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On this episode of The Kiner Hour – Let’s Talk Dance with Ashani Mfuko radio show, Roman Baca, Marine Corps Veteran & Exit 12 Dance Co.  Artistic Director, share about his current arts service project in Iraq, through and Dancing To Connect.


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"Enforced Arch is a troupe of passionate, talented performers and choreographers..." -Our Hen House


Dance Advantage: Any final thoughts, James?

James Koroni: Sometimes no words can speak the language of atrocity. Dancers are fluent in a dialect that is crucial to communicating emotional experiences that are necessary for making social change. Enforced Arch is dedicated to inspiring and supporting dancers that explore this talent.-Dance Advantage


Vegan choreographer James Koroni uses the medium of dance to express his passion for animal welfare and social justice, one sashay at a time. -VegNews


Organizers of the Paris Vegan Day decided to ask James Koroni and his modern dancers to come and perform their piece called “Please, Don’t Touch,” ...bringing together movers concerned, as much as he is, with ecological and animal living condition issues. -Paris Vegan Day


James and his dancers were recently invited to perform Please, Don’t Touch at Paris Vegan Day. -The Discerning Brute


Creator, James Koroni's Anti-Fur piece, 'Please Don't Touch', featured on PINNACLE Magazine website!

Creator, James Koroni featured on VegNewsTV!


Creator, James Koroni mentioned in GO Magazine for production of Lemon Meringue!


Creator, James Koroni mentioned on for production of Lemon Meringue!


"Prior to the dessert binge - Leanne of Vaute Couture and I went to see vegan choreographer James Koroni of perform in a benefit show for Autism. I snapped some pictures of his piece “Arrest Yourself” which was dark, edgy and really fun."

-Joshua Katcher of (source)


"Enforced Arch is dedicated to using dance as a platform for addressing social issues like animal rights, as well as highlighting other veg dancers and performers like Tonya Kay, Bettina May and Ray Hesselink."

-Joshua Katcher of


Creator, James Koroni danced for Madonna.