MA - A Modern Day Silent Film

Celia Rowlson-Hall Celia Rowlson Hall has had a prolific career, bringing movement to everything from fashion editorials, music videos, television and more. Now she will move us deeply with her first feature film, MA. Here's an example of one of her works that made it into the VIMEO Staff Picks:

MA is the story of a virgin mother on a pilgrimage to Las Vegas to give birth to our savior.

Her journey is visceral and violent, though this story is about love. We travel through dilapidated hotels with collapsing walls, empty deserts except for a lone trick-rope cowboy, drained out pools from past baptisms, freak rainstorms, and finally into a Las Vegas penthouse suite filled with show girls, prostitutes, chandeliers, and cherubs.

MA is about the end of the beginning.  It’s about loneliness, and wanting to be more. Finally, it is about love: that of man, of nature, of god, of woman, and of possibility.

This will be a unique cinematic experience; truthful, distinct, and clear. Please join Celia Rowlson-Hall in bringing this very personal story to life.


MA, Celia Rowlson-Hall