MixTape Dance - 'Daily Psongs'

MixTapeDance_MMAC_Logo, Enforced Arch Don't miss MixTape Dance Company, TONIGHT at Manhattan Movement & Arts Center.

A word from 'Daily Psongs' creative director, Anneliese Kappey:

Anneliese Kappey, MixTape Dance, Enforced ArchMixTape Dance was designed to do two things: first, to bridge a large gap between those who appreciate dance and those who haven’t; second, to bring to the stage dancing that is technical and exciting, while telling stories that convey honest emotions everyone can access. We tell modern stories, we create characters with which everyone can empathize, we dance to pop music, songs that have provided the soundtrack of our lives. We reference famous movies, lines from books, and pop culture in general. We bring to the stage intricate, technically challenging movement with notably complex musicality. Most importantly, these elements are only components of a larger whole, an offering where pure human emotion is the motivation. It feels right. The dancers feel it, and the audience does too.

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