Rawkin' in a Winter Wonderland!

Tonya Kay and co-author Joanna Steven have really challenged my perception of "cold" in the Winter Warming eBook. When I think of winter foods I can not avoid starchy overindulgent images of me stuffing my face. For a dancer the horror in this is that we need to maintain a strong and healthy body. Especially with auditions year round it is vital to not get tempted by holiday leftovers. Fresh and nutrient rich raw foods are a wonderful alternative to traditional heavy selections. With the cold looming through the cracks in the floor we mustn't hide. Tonya encourages taking opportunities that present themselves by moving, jumping and dancing you can create your own heat. Her Raw food Journal empowers us to fearlessly identify with the chill.

Get yourself a copy here: Winter Warming eBook

The Winter Warming eBook exemplifies Tonya's charming relationship with raw foods and winter chills. She makes me want to take a step out of my comfort zone and be creative while keeping my body tone!

"Tonya Kay, 8 year raw vegan, offers tips for staying warm and staying on your healthy diet during the cold months in the Winter Warming eBook, the 3rd book in the Raw Nutritional Analysis series. The Winter Warming eBook not only nutritionally analyzes a month on Tonya Kay's winter raw vegan diet, so you can learn how much protein, calcium, carbohydrates and vitamins an actual raw foodist takes in, but also details her athletic workouts and caloric expenditure. This tree-free eBook contains 81 pages of inspirational writings on how to stick to your diet and ideals instead of turning to cooked comfort food this winter."