Paris Journal 2011 Part 5

Grand Palais, Enforced Arch At the Grand Palais I stood in a line along with a Grand Palais, Enforced Archthousand excited Parisians to enter and experience an evening of flash mobs, cultural dancing, free gifts and all at no entry fee! How is this possible? Never have I seen anything like it! In line I could have lifted my feet and floated along with the crowd into this event. I'm not kidding! Once inside I was given an umbrella and a T-shirt with a babies body on it! There really is no other way to describe the space other than a Grand Palace with a central dome and two vast wings that were completely open space, free from obstruction. The architecture was breathtaking with two staircases at the opposite end from the entrance. As you look up you're reduced to the ant you are. In that moment I lost and gained an equivalent amount of inspiration and desolation. Then my eyes reconnected with the presentations!

la fete de la danse

First of all there was 300 people at the main stage holding open umbrellas with the Baby T-shirt on, all participating in a follow my lead type of dance instruction.

Grand Palais, Enforced Arch Grand Palais, Enforced Arch

Now when I said cultural dance I was referring to classes. Only the classes weren't taught to you live. There were 12 foot LCD screens lifted 5 feet from the ground with a repeating video with a master of each dance form helping you through the basics of each style. You could find anything from Ballet, Contemporary, Capoeira, Belly Dance, LA style(haha),  African, Hip Hop, Buchaechum, Bollywood, etc.

Grand Palais, Enforced Arch Grand Palais, Enforced Arch Grand Palais, Enforced Arch Grand Palais, Enforced Arch Grand Palais, Enforced Arch Grand Palais, Enforced Arch Grand Palais, Enforced Arch Grand Palais, Enforced Arch Grand Palais, Enforced Arch Grand Palais, Enforced Arch

Then on either corner of the space were stages where performances from all these style were performed by dance artists from France. An invigorating experience!

Grand Palais, Enforced Arch

Grand Palais, Enforced Arch Grand Palais, Enforced ArchGrand Palais, Enforced Arch Grand Palais, Enforced Arch

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Capoeira Workshop with Bud Burdick

Bud Burdick, Enforced Arch, Studio AnyaCompassionate Mover, Bud Burdick presents the first of three Capoeira workshops at Studio Anya! Each workshop will cost $15 and will be 2 hours long. There is limited space, so please pre-register here:

Sunday, October 2 · 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Studio Anya 49 West 24th St Manhattan, NY
Capoeira is a Brazilian art form and self-defense with strong dance and aerobic elements. It is a harmony of forces that evokes power, flexibility, endurance, and self-discovery. Capoeira balances the body, mind, and soul, in a graceful and exciting manner that teaches you to be alert. Being the only indigenous martial art of the Americas developed by African slaves in Brazil, it is rooted in strong traditions that will enable you to break through limits and build self-confidence. The physical and mental challenges that arise are within anyone’s reach, regardless of age, sex, or athletic experience. This workshop will explore movement, music, and the philosophy of Capoeira.

-Bud Burdick

For more information, please visit

Bud Burdick

 Bud Burdick


Rochester: Age 28 passed away April 27, 2013. Bud fought a courageous battle with AML Leukemia since July of 2012.

Per Bud's wishes, no services will be held. To honor Bud's love of animals, memorials may be made to Guiding Eyes For The Blind, 611 Granite Springs Road, Yorktown Heights NY 10598. ATTENTION Lynn Shulman or

Bud Burdick was a Capoeira practitioner who lived in the New York metropolitan area. He had extensive experience teaching Capoeira to people of all ages at universities, academies, gyms, yoga studios, and teen centers. While attending college, Bud taught and inspired Capoeira students in the clubs he ran. His dance, choreographic, and performance experience was more than abundant during his time spent at The College at Brockport. Dance concerts this past spring featured choreography and performances by Bud. He had the opportunity to be a part of, and perform with, the Kista Tucker Dance Co. in Rochester, NY and was working with Kelley Donovan and Dancers in NYC.  His strength as a leader in the Capoeira community was recognized while teaching various classes at the Capoeira Academy.

A personal trainer by profession, Bud believed that health and fitness is mandatory, regardless of your walk of life. A clean, organic diet fueled his ambitious desire to be as fit as possible so that he can be the best mover he can be.

Bud BurdickI listen to my body, and a vegan lifestyle works best. I am constantly moving, so I fuel my body appropriately. Since becoming a vegan, I have noticed that I heal faster and am stronger than I have ever been.” -Bud Burdick