Too Young

Young Girl WorkingTremendous injustice is occurring all over the world. The most innocent and fragile of living creatures have no voice. Children are making textiles, toys (which they will never play with) and matches, among many other items. We call this Child labor. Child Trafficking is another malicious form of modern slavery. Each day, more children are trafficked into prostitution, forced labor, child marriage and other slavery-like conditions. Each day sees the growth of skills and experience of traffickers and those who purchase trafficked persons. Isn't slavery illegal? I guess not.

Child TraffickingIn our society we seek the most "delicious" food and at what cost? Do we know at what level of cruelty the farmers reach for particular forms of meat or dairy? Male chicks are useless to egg farms so they are simply plucked up and loaded into a grinder or left in a dumpster to die.

Male Chicks in GrinderVeal production is also a bi-product of the dairy industry. It's beyond me how this kind of medieval torture is still around? Pulled from their mother immediately after birth, fed an anemic diet in a wooden crate to small to lie down in and then killed after 18 or 20 weeks.

Veal CratesYou may ask what can I do about this? Being informed should be your first bit of effort. There are so many resources online for you to peruse. Then avoid companies that use child labor, create artistic works that educate your audiences, avoid cruel farming practices and you'll make a world of difference. All we have is each other to rely upon. It isn't difficult to be compassionate. It's simply difficult to know these ethical issues exist and then not do anything about it!