Wildchild Nation Inspiration

Luam Keflezgy Luam Keflezgy is one of my most inspired mentors. Her style is confident, grounded, classic, smooth, edgy, and for her, all this is seemingly effortless. However she taught me effort and intention is everything!

She once said to me after a rigorous class, "It's where the movement comes from, that makes a statement." This has always rang true in my life as a dancer concerned with ecological and social issues. With her inspired statement I have been able to add quality to every movement I make, whether it be in class, choreography or with the clothing I wear!

Wildchild Nation offers a few alternatives to support my active and compassionate dance lifestyle! I even noticed a few eco-friendly materials such as Tencel! Hopefully she will expand upon these options in the future!

Check it out!

WildchildWildchildWildchildWildchildWildchildWildchildWildchildWildchildWildchildWildchildWildchildWildchild LUCKY for us there's a phenomenal clearance sale. Don't miss it!

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