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Join Dana Foglia Dance TONIGHT, January 15th 2013, 10PM at The Bitter End!

Live music, Dana Foglia Dance, and guest performances. You wont want to miss it - come and support your local NYC artists! Tickets are only $7 at the door.

The Bitter End 147 Bleecker St, New York, New York 10012-1437


Futuristic, athletic, fearless, mesmerizing, super human dancing. All of these words have been used to describe Dana Foglia and her company. Artistic Director/Choreographer, Dana Foglia is truly the cutting edge of commercial hip hop and contemporary fusion. She and her dancers bring incredible classical technique with strength, raw street styles and sophisticated nuance. With her visionary artistic direction, Dana takes the audience to another place, allowing them to feel something almost unimaginable, transfixing them and always leaving them wanting more. From studying at the Ailey School to touring the world with Beyonce, Dana's experience as a performer has always been wonderfully diverse. Her company shares this great depth in their theatricality and artistic mentality.

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We Are Family

Olivia Sparkuhl, James Koroni, CHAMPS Family Bakery

I have grown to understand that having a community is a very important and integral part of a dance. Many of my lifelong friends have come from my past and present dance communities. Olivia Sparkuhl is one of those cherished individuals and she is currently visiting me this week in New York City. Her personality is much like mine in that we seek cozy spaces to indulge ourselves in good company and conversation. Our friendship began in one of these cozy places, on the dance floor in Los Angeles where we both attended Santa Monica College. Although we had our differences, we met them humbly and challenged one anothers' preconceived notions of the world. This helped us evolve artistically, emotionally and physically.

Olivia Sparkuhl, James Koroni, CHAMPS Family Bakery

Now that she lives in San Francisco we have found other ways to inspire one another from afar through skype, the telephone or browsing one another's professional work. Although our friendship has changed, the potential to inspire one another has only grown exponentially. Her experiences influence my own and our knowledge of each others dreams and aspirations have helped keep us focused.

Olivia Sparkuhl, James Koroni, CHAMPS Family Bakery

It may occasionally seem overwhelming to have someone or some community know you intimately but these raw and genuine relationships will only help propel you to achieve your lifelong goals.

All the images took place at CHAMPS Family Bakery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn where you can get some seriously delicious vegan food. I didn't have a chance to eat any of the goodies but I certainly took some photos to give you an idea of what wonders can be had at this Brooklyn joint.

Photography by James Koroni & Rachael Gentner

Introducing, 'Arrest Yourself'

Ignorance Is Bliss. By avoiding inconvenient and unpleasant information we hide from the worlds current state. Whether it be Factory Farming, Green House Gas or Climate Changes we must understand and address these issues before it's to late. Visit the following link for more about Arrest Yourself!

Arrest Yourself Choreography by James KoroniFEATURING: Lauren Cox Scott Hamilton James Koroni Kiet Lam

VIDEO PRODUCER: Joshua Katcher

CHOREOGRAPHER: James Koroni Contact:

James Koroni: Arrest Yourself, Part 4 of 4

Arrest Yourself, Choreography by James KoroniJAMES KORONI, Arrest Yourself for complying with a mindless day to day routine. With that as our permanent attitude there would need to be an endless supply of goods for youArrest Yourself, Choreography By James Koroni to consume. Our common products are far removed from its original resource and this intangible "object" somehow gives us permission to relieve ourselves of any responsibility. This is how the huge corporations would like to keep it however, if we are kept dumb then they can do whatever they want. By not feeling any of the suffering that goes into production we give them power over us asa consumer almost as if we're hypnotized by their marketing campaigns. I find the statement "Ignorance is Bliss!," as the downfall of society. We turn our heads at uncomfortable information because once understood we might need to make change in our lives that are outside of our comfort zones. Our comfort zone is only concerned with our personal well being and this is where hope is lost. Selfish acts are blind to suffering.Arrest Yourself, Choreography By James Koroni

This doesn't mean we need to write on signs and head out to the nearest protest. By being particular in where we make purchases we decide the results of tomorrow. How do we create a more compassionate and sustainable future through thoughtful consumerism? We need to trace our products back to its source. Were people treated as dignified human beings in the production of my clothing? Are animals individuals, do they deserve a life free of exploitation? Why is fast food so cheap and how does it affect your health, the environment and small businesses? There are too many issues to list.

Arrest Yourself, Choreography By James Koroni'Arrest Yourself' was created to inspire individuals to seek answers and make change. Make your comfort zone bigger and offer compassion to those beyond yourself. It's not a question of faith. It's a question of reality. Where does 'this' come from and who did it affect prior to arriving before me.

James KoroniJames Koroni studied at ‘The Edge‘ in Los Angeles,Broadway Dance Center‘ in New York City and Santa Monica College in Los Angeles. A few of his credits include choreographing and dancing for Princess Superstar in Paris, France, dancing for Madonna at MACY’s in Herald Square, choreographing and dancing for Clara Lofaro in NY, NY, performing in ‘Rhapsody’s Sirens after Dark at the BLVD on Bowery, participated in the production of Bagabones at The Fringe Festival in New York City and teaching at NorthPort Dance in Long Island. His Internships and Administrative credits include ‘Broadway Dance Center’ under the International Student Visa Program with Director Bonnie Erickson and is currently employed at Cynthia King Dance Studio in Brooklyn, NYC as Cynthia King’s Executive Assistant.

“So much of life carries the potential to shock and excite me and whether traditional or controversial, if it offers compassion I find a reason to appreciate its beauty.” - James Koroni

LAUREN COX: Arrest Yourself Part 1 of 4 SCOTT HAMILTON: Arrest Yourself, Part 2 of 4 KIET LAM: Arrest Yourself, Part 3 of 4

Photography by Joshua Katcher of

Lauren Cox: Arrest Yourself, Part 1 of 4

Arrest Yourself, Choreography by James Koroni"Ignorance Is Bliss?" Arrest Yourself! By avoiding inconvenient and unpleasant information we hide from the worlds current state. Whether it be Factory Farming, Green House Gas or Social Justice we must understand and address these issues before it's too late. 'Mover,' James Koroni choreographed a piece entitled 'Arrest Yourself' to remind people that they are personally responsible for their own demise. To properly present this as a performance piece his dancers also shared their opinions on how this issue is prominent in their own lives.

Lauren CoxLAUREN COX, "I've noticed that we walk around day to day bombarded with opinions from our peers, media and limited by our own comfort zones. We allow so much of it to guide our steps and we are often afraid of embracing new information because somehow it will disrupt our current state of heaven when, in fact, it’s the contrary that leads to the path of happiness. And we all do it! We all struggle to find our own happiness outside of ourselves…this makes absolutely no sense, so 'Arrest Yourself!' Hold yourself captive, if only to give way to the inevitability of change. By being an active participant of my own dream and staying open-minded to the dreams of others I sew anonymous benefits upon the world. It is through collective dreams that we realize we are all deeply interconnected and can progress for each other on our short visit to this earth. It is a daily choice…carpé diem!!"

Lauren Cox

She is a lifetime student and teacher of dance and movement. Starting at the age of 6, Lauren trained rigorously and competed as a passionate Rhythmic Gymnast around the U.S. for 11 years with the aid of ballet, modern dance and pilates, eventually achieving 4th in the nation for level 9 and 20th for level 10. During college she discovered a love for Sociology, hip hop and youth advocacy through Culture Shock Dance Troupe in Oakland, California where she received training with prominent guest choreographers such as Nappy Tabs, performed at events such as S.F. Aids Walk, Monsters of Hip Hop and the ACL Championships with LL Cool J & Amerie and was a part of their competition team, CS Allstars, winning consecutive silver and bronze metals at the U.S. & World Hip Hop Championships in Los Angeles. After co-founding and dancing for Groove Against the Machine San Francisco and exhibitioning annually at events like World of Dance and Battlefest Bay Area she set out to learn yet another style in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where she studied Samba, African and Street Dance for one year. She returned to the States to accept Broadway Dance Center’s Summer Intensive Internship and has been training in ballet, contemporary, jazz, hip hop and freestyle for the past 7 months in order to converge and solidify her deep passion for the universal language of music through dance. She is now the Portuguese translator for Broadway Dance Center, teaches Hip Hop at Center Stage New Jersey and has just started a choreography project called “The Ladies Freedom Party” bringing conscious light to music & movement.

Performance of Arrest Yourself, February 19th 2011 @ 7PM!

Kumble Theater- One University Plaza Brooklyn, NY 11201

TICKETS Discount Code: BeKind

SCOTT HAMILTON: Arrest Yourself, Part 2 of 4 KIET LAM: Arrest Yourself, Part 3 of 4 JAMES KORONI: Arrest Yourself, Part 4 of 4