'Movers' Contribute!

'Movers' Contribute! This controversial ballet featured dancers from Cirque du Soleil, Mozart, and Dracula. It was performed in Paris outside the historic venue, Paris Opéra, just after Stella McCartney's fur-free fashion show. (source)

The french certainly aren't afraid to speak their mind. Why should we be? As artists there are so many ways we can help end inhumane practices. Have you heard of PINNACLE: Reinvent The Icon? With references to fashion and artistry I'd like to mention this initiative that is specifically designed to inspire taste makers to reevaluate the fur industry and create a symbol of rebellion. This can be interpreted in many ways. These talented dancers are making change simply by expressing their opposition to the amount of cruelty that goes into a fur garment.

Numerous industry professionals are already against the use of fur and for apparent reasons. Contribute your work! Create a performance piece or choreograph a dance video and submit it. (here)