World Premiere of "Silo" by Travis Magee

Travis Magee PhotographyWorld Premiere of "Silo"A Solo Exhibition of Dance Photography by Travis Magee Opening Night Party: Friday, November 16th from 7PM-10PM Closing January 1st, 2013 Free Admission Space On White 81 White Street New York, NY 10013  (212) 227-8600

In the summer of 2012, Travis Magee was awarded a residency at DANCENOW[NYC]'s Silo facility, an 80-acre farm in Springtown, Pennsylvania where he was given unprecedented creative freedom to produce dance photography.  Over ten days, Mr. Magee brought together seventeen dancers from some of the world's most prominent dance companies, including members of the troupes of Mark Morris, Alvin Ailey, Martha Graham, Merce Cunningham, Larry Keigwin, Aszure Barton, Sean Curran and others.  It was one of the only times in history that so many dancers from such diverse backgrounds had come together for one dance photographer.Travis Magee Photography

Travis Magee's photography is based on the concept of capturing real-life kinetic movement in order to elicit complex emotions.  As a result, all of Mr. Magee's photography is achieved in one choreographed shot, and he does not use Photoshop to manipulate or construct his images.Travis Magee Photography

"Travis Magee's photographs are like compelling choreography. there seems always to be an implied narrative but it is up to the viewer to decipher and to decide for themselves what the hell is going on!" Sean Curran