Glee-fully, Tonya Kay!

Tonya Kay on Glee'Mover,' Tonya Kay has been a busy bee! She performed Sunday on Glee doing a big deal "never-before-seen-on-tv" fire whip crack and more. There were four fire dancers and they all have wigs on, so keep your eye on the girl cracking the fire whip (seen on left in the image shown) and then remember what she looked like during the rest of this huge production number! Yes, you read correctly: they wigged Tonya Kay! She said, "Productions have tried and failed countless times. But not Glee's hair department. The stylist wigging me, whom himself had dread locks (thank goodness!) said he wigged Whoopi, so I knew I was in good hands. Literally. He kissed my locks when he had piled them up - I knew this one understood."

You might remember her on Glee's famous Madonna episode last year with Stilt World. Of course, a performer never knows what happens in post-production after the filming, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Glee wanted to be the first in television history to show her stunt! A big deal that it's a woman doing it - and that woman is Tonya Kay!

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