Scott Hamilton: Arrest Yourself, Part 2 of 4

Arrest Yourself Choreography by James Koroni“Ignorance Is Bliss?” Arrest Yourself! By avoiding inconvenient and unpleasant information we hide from the worlds current state. Whether it be Factory Farming, Green House Gas or Social Justice we must understand and address these issues before it’s too late. SCOTT HAMILTON, "I am a King with a million servants. At any moment, someone somewhere is doing work for me. Making my food, sweeping up trash, sewing the clothes I wear.  Just about anything I need is provided for me. Things are so easily accessible why would anyone bother worrying about where they came from? Could I answer that question most of the time? Probably not. Everyday I am bombarded with goods, services Scott Hamiltonand information, and the most difficult part of the day is simply choosing what I want.

Modern civilization has become highly fragmented and micro-focused on the individual; while all this is happening, who among us will step back and take the time to focus on a more macro level?  What happened to, “The Greater Good”, and something more than ourselves?

I believe technology and the modern world have trained us to become numb and accepting of ignorance on some levels. Our ever growing desire to cater to the individual only perpetuates the issue, as we shift focus from our fellow man to ourselves at ever increasing rates. When we don’t know who to blame for our growing feelings of isolation in an ever connected world, and the irony of the situation becomes too much to reconcile in our own minds, we point fingers. In reality, we as individuals need to be held accountable.

I think it’s within human nature to crave knowledge and we need to start making real efforts towards being completely responsible for our own actions and knowing what important role we play within our society.

Its natural to be self centered, but to do so to the degree with which you would lose connection to society as a whole and blind yourself with ignorance is frightening. Even a King must listen and understand their people to survive."Scott Hamilton Scott Hamilton began his dance training in 2005 at Western Michigan University. Prior to relocating to New York City, Scott received Degrees in International Marketing, Vocal Performance and Dance Performance in April 2008. With New York as his base, Scott’s been busy touring and performing internationally, entertaining in theaters around the United States, and giving back to students right here in New York. His goal was to be doing what he loves, and thankfully he loves it more and more each day. "Laugh often, and tell the people you love, that you love them."

Performance of Arrest Yourself, February 19th 2011 @ 7PM!

Kumble Theater- One University Plaza Brooklyn, NY 11201

TICKETS Discount Code: BeKind

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