Merci Beaucoup

James Koroni, Tracey Katof, Enforced Arch, Paris Enforced Arch would like to extend a special thanks to the following people who helped send the Anti-Fur performance piece 'Please, Don't Touch' to Paris. Our community has grown as a result and new opportunities have presented themselves. We created this video to thank everyone for their unconditional support. Enjoy: Thank you; Amanda Lee, Andrea Rosa, Andrea Torres, The Anti-Fur Society, Beatrice Cox, Bettina May, Blossom Du Jour, Bonnie Erickson, Brooke B Toohey, Bud Burdick, Carly Fox Horton, Celine Orang, Clara Lofaro, CocoaV, Creadanse, Daphne Cheng, David & Nancy Dorius, Elizabeth Castoria, Esther Bell, Foodswings, Gavin Reign, Hope Kandel, Jasmin Singer, Jennifer Fox, Judith Vogel, Julia Hochner, Joshua Katcher, Kristin Mularz, Lauren Cox, Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, Marcia Fox, Margo Martinez, Marlena Pavich, Mary Sarsfield, Melissa Fornabaio, Michel Lambert, Michele Bernstein, Michelle Cohen Carpenter, Nicole Johnson, Nina Athanasakos, Pamela Elizabeth, Paris Vegan Day, Rachel Kay, Rebecca Hall, Shelley Ohmes, Stacie Adams, Tarik Daniels, The Gentle Gourmet, Vaute Couture, Vegan Paris Day, VegNews, Verité Catering, The West Cafe, Tracey Katof, Zachary Koval

James Koroni's Birthday & Fundraiser

James Koroni's Birthday & Fundraiser, Joshua KatcherOur fundraising event on Tuesday evening went brilliantly. The turn out was outstanding! A crowd made up of friends, family, artists, activists, fashion industry professionals, dancers, choreographers, Clara Lofaro fans and of course the lure of Bettina May topped it all off! I could not have had a more splendid time. A special thanks you to all those involved including: Bettina May , dough-nut stop till you get enough!

James Koroni's Birthday & Fundraiser, Bettina May

Clara Lofaro accompanied by Andrea Torres on Taps!

James Koroni's Birthday & Fundraiser, Clara LofaroJames Koroni's Birthday & Fundraiser, Andrea Torres

Lauren Cox & myself performing 'Please, Don't Touch' with Marlena Pavich's Anti-Fur pants!

James Koroni's Birthday & Fundraiser, Lauren CoxVerite Catering

James Koroni's Birthday & Fundraiser, Verite Catering

The West Cafe in Williamsburg

James Koroni's Birthday & Fundraiser, The West CafeThank you to Cocoa V, Blossom Du Jour, Bettina May's PinUp Class, Foodswings, Tracey Katof, Bud Burdick, Carly Fox Horton, Joshua Katcher, Vaute Couture and of course thank you for being in attendance!

James Koroni's Birthday & FundraiserJames Koroni's Birthday & Fundraiser

James Koroni's Birthday & Fundraiser

James Koroni's Birthday & FundraiserJames Koroni's Birthday & Fundraiser

James Koroni's Birthday & FundraiserJames Koroni's Birthday & FundraiserJames Koroni's Birthday & Fundraiser

James Koroni's Birthday & Fundraiser

James Koroni's Birthday & Fundraiser,As for the fundraiser element, we raised just enough to send one dancer to Paris which means there is still more outreach to be done. We have created an IndieGoGo web page. If you know anyone that might be interested in our cause please send the following link their way:

Here is the launch of our video:

‘Please, Don’t Touch’ focuses energy on a topic that sits at the intersection of social justice, ecology and design. Our ultimate goal is to to become effective conduits for empathy and creative tools for change. Through the use of live performance, transmedia and personal interaction, this project will impact the heavily guarded perceptions of fur iconography by shedding light on what isn’t revealed behind the glitz and glamor.

Keep Breathing

Andrea TorresAndrea Torres choreographed 'Keep Breathing' on a group of talented dancers including herself, Joan Heeringa, Klara Beyeler, Paulette Lewis and Stephanie Bissonnette. They performed it at the M.O.V.E. For Cambodia Gala in NYC. This event focuses it's efforts on raising money to build a new school in Cambodia and bring awareness to current issues surrounding sex trafficking and drug addiction. 'Keep Breathing' symbolizes the pain and suffering these victims goes through but then shows that with a helping hand, like the M.O.V.E. For Cambodia benefit, together we can develop ways to end their suffering.

Bag Lady

Bag LadyLauren Cox makes her moves despite the weight of this social issue. Domestic violence can be found in many forms. In her piece entitled 'Bag Lady,' Lauren exudes bravery and is determined to free others of what turmoil they are experiencing in their daily lives. She uses her choreographic voice as a platform to inspire and inform others that there is a support system in place for you to fall back upon. The story tellers, or Freedom Sisters, introduce you to a woman lost in a whirlwind of confrontation. Past "baggage" holds her to prior relationships where love was never the foundation. Rather emotional insecurity and manipulation lived as a means to control her heart. As the story unfolds you see the character build confidence through her loving friends. When she finally takes a stand these women are there to assist her in the process of letting go. For upcoming performances of 'Bag Lady' & the Freedom Sisters check back with Enforced Arch!

Domestic Violence Resource Center (DVRC)

Choreographer Lauren Cox

Assistant Choreographers Andrea Queens & James Koroni

Dancers Andrea Torres, Andrea Queens, Federica Paoli, Klara Beyeler, Lauren Cox, Maria Del Rosario Aviles, Raphael Dw Thomas & James Koroni.