Rules Of The Game


Enforced Arch founder, James Koroni has been invited by Jonah Bokaer, media artist and choreographer to participate in Rules Of The Game. This past month Koroni traveled to Dallas, TX and had the pleasure of dancing with some of the most talented dancers from around the world: Sara Procopio, James McGinn, Elisabetta Rollo, Szabi Pataki, Laura Gutierrez, Callie Lyons & Albert Drake. Here's is the formal announcement from the Dallas Symphony Orchestra:







At Chez Bushwick’s annual gala honoring Daniel Arsham, Rules Of The Game, a new collaborative, performance project was announced. The piece is a partnership between choreographer Jonah Bokaer and his dancers, visual artist Daniel Arsham, and an original score by Pharrell Williamsperformed by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. Rules Of The Game will have its world premiere in Dallas on May 17, 2016, at the Winspear Opera House as part of SOLUNA International Music & Arts Festival. Rules Of The Game will be the first collaboration between Arsham, Bokaer and Williams, collectively.

Rules Of The Game, a multidisciplinary work for eight dancers, is currently being developed. The music by Williams represents his first composition for live dance and theater. The Dallas Symphony Orchestra will provide the live accompaniment at the premiere.

“This collaboration is something that we have worked on for a long time,” said Anna-Sophia van Zweden, Director of Festival Advancement for SOLUNA. “We wanted to bring Daniel and Jonah to SOLUNA, and in our conversations, this project emerged. We are thrilled to present the world premiere performance of this work and to have the Dallas Symphony Orchestra perform original orchestral music by Pharrell.”

“I am excited to be working again with Jonah and Pharrell,” said Arsham. “We are currently in production, developing the concepts for the score and scenography, so it will be interesting to see how the piece changes shape over the coming months and to see its premiere at SOLUNA.”

Arsham has been designing and building sets since 2007, when he was commissioned by legendary choreographer Merce Cunningham to create the stage design for his work eyeSpace. His collaborations with Bokaer, who he met through Cunningham’s company, began in 2007, and over the past eight years, the duo have created a unique scenic language exploring themes of spatial reorientation and the perceived passage of time. Arsham and Williams have collaborated, beginning in 2013, when he cast Williams’ Casio MT500 keyboard, a formative part of his musical development, in volcanic ash, crystal and steel. The following year, Arsham cast Williams’ entire body for GIRL, Williams’ curatorial debut at Galerie Perrotin. The gallery represents Arsham, and has collaborated in the past with both Williams and Bokaer.

More information to follow. Tickets for the performance will be available later this year.

Coincidance by Handsome Dancer

Screen-Shot-2015-09-07-at-2.47.47-AM-e1441608553510 Coincidance is the viral sensation by Handsome Dancer which is made up of two brilliant comedians, James Manzello & Matt Pavich. Handsome Dancer features an array of their friends including myself, James Koroni. In this particular music video Koroni is The Man w/ The Crooked Glance.

Handsome Dancer, in their words, is "comedy for the dancer inside of you". Don't deprive the dancer inside of you, watch Coincidance NOW and once you've done that, visit their YouTube channel HERE and get pulled into a world of stomach cramps from LOLing.

You're welcome.

connie & jimmy - episode 4

Connie & Jimmy The stars align in episode 4 of “connie & jimmy”! Inspired by the 1953 film I Love Melvin. This episode will keep you “A-boodle-oo beep beep baum baum baum”-ing for hours. In episode 4, our charismatic duo has returned home from a frustrating dinner party. What’s on the menu must also match what’s in the heart. Our conscientious couple can’t help but shake it off in this delightful twist on “Where Did You Learn To Dance?” originally performed by Debbie Reynolds and Donald O’Connor.

“connie & jimmy” enthusiastically shares ( as a resource for all your plant-based nutrition inquiries. It is sure to put a spring in your step!

Don’t bite the bum of an animal carcass. Plant-based protein is everywhere!


connie – Connie Castanzo jimmy – James Koroni

writer, director & co-producer – james koroni co-produced by Civil Sea Films co-choreographers – james koroni & Tracey Katof director of photography – Ben Effinger editor – Laura Mazzeo grip – justin van wie

Four Women

Four Women, Jonah Bokaer During the Holocaust, four women lost their lives after an attempt to revolt against the Natzi's: Róa Robota, Estera Wajcblum, Regina Szafirsztajn, Ala Gernter. By smuggling gunpowder under their nail beds and in the bodies of their murdered friends they were able to help destroy Crematorium IV on Oct 7th, 1944. Somehow their heroic venture was not recognized in history books.

The world premiere of choreographer Jonah Bokaer's "Four Women," a dance/film installation inspired by four women who were hanged for their participation in an attempted rebellion against the Natzi's on October 7, 1944 at Auschwitz, opened at the Center for Jewish History on October 7. This film is part of an exhibition entitled "October 7, 1944," which takes place within the Popper Gallery at the Center for Jewish History. Details:

"October 7, 1944" is open to the public Monday, 5pm-8pm, Wednesday, 11am-8pm; and Friday, 11am-2:30pm. The exhibition closes December 30.

Tickets: Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday are $8.00 for adults, and $6.00 for seniors and students. Monday, Wednesday(5pm-8pm) and Friday free.

The Popper Gallery is located at the Center for Jewish History in New York City, 15 West 16th Street.

Jonah_BokaerJonah Bokaer has cultivated a new form of a choreography with a structure that relies on visual art and design. He ultimately aims to transform notions of how the public views and understands dance.

Bokaer was born to Tunisian and American parents, and has been active as a choreographer since 2002. He has created over 55 works in a wide range of mediums, such as film, opera, app, and instillation, in a variety of venues, ranging from stages, to museums and galleries. He works internationally, exhibiting and touring worldwide.

Bokaer has created works within museum spaces that live between choreography, visual art, and moving images.

This approach to art making has been acknowledged by museums such as the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, PS1 MoMA, The New Museum, The Museum of Arts & Design, MASS MoCA, Miami MOCA, MAC Marseille, IVAM Valencia, Palazzo Delle Arti Napoli, Kunsthalle St. Gallen, SCAD Museum of Art, Ludwig Museum of Budapest, MUDAM Luxembourg, along with many others.

A few of Bokaer’s frequent collaborators are Daniel Arsham (2007-Present), Anne Carson, Richard Chai, Merce Cunningham, Anthony McCall, Abbott Miller, Tino Sehgal, Robert Wilson (2007-Present), along with other leading innovators in mediums such as performance, visual art, literature, and design.

It Was Never Your Fault!

Lemon Meringue HELL WEB ONLY Rich Ryan Productions, LLC through the We Are Many Foundation are pleased to present LEMON MERINGUE, a new play written by Rich Ryan, directed and adapted for the stage by Terri Muuss and choreographed by Enforced Arch 'Mover' Tracey Katof, with original music by Athena Reich will premiere at The TBG Theatre November 8th - November 24th in New York City.


LEMON MERINGUE is a moving roller-coaster ride through the therapeutic process of Rich, a typical guy from Long Island. As Rich struggles to overcome the devastating effects of childhood sexual abuse, we witness his anger and pain slowly giving way to happiness and forgiveness. This true story, told through music, dance and dialogue, illustrates one man's inspirational journey towards survival and finding, then healing, his inner child. LEMON MERINGUE is a compelling success story that should not be missed. It will leave your heart soaring.

The show runs at The Barrow Group Theatre, 312 West 36th Street 3rd Floor (bet 8th and 9th Avenue), New York, NY 10018. Tickets $18. For tickets visit: LEMON MERINGUE is an Equity Approved Showcase.

Rich Byllott

Rich Ryan (Writer) is a devoted father of three who lives on Long Island and works in New York City. Rich is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. Since breaking his silence in 2003, Rich has been dedicated to raising awareness about childhood sexual abuse and helping others heal from the effects. He has attended many male survivor conferences and his artwork has been displayed at several survivor art shows. In 2010, Rich made an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show to share his story with a group of 200 male sexual abuse survivors and a national television audience of 15-20 million people.

Rich is a fervent believer in the notion that victims of abuse have the power to live full, rewarding lives. Recognizing the profound impact that sharing one's story can have on the healing process of others, Rich felt inspired to write Lemon Meringue - a one-act play that chronicles the story of a man struggling with and overcoming the effects of childhood sexual abuse. This is his story. For Rich, the process of writing a play for the first time - particularly a play addressing this subject - has been both challenging and rewarding.


Rich has dedicated Lemon Meringue to all of the men and women who have perished from the effects of childhood sexual abuse as well as those who continue to struggle.

All proceeds from the new play LEMON MERINGUE ( benefit The We Are Many Foundation (

The We Are Many Foundation helps, heals and educates society concerning children who have been sexually victimized, as well as adults who struggle in their current life from the horrific ordeal they experienced when it was done to them in their youth.

For more about the show, visit

Peace For Elephants


Peace For Elephants - A Night of Fun and Fundraising! Sunday, June 2 from 7-9 p.m. at Broadway Dance Center 322 W 45th St.  New York, NY

Featuring choreography by Brinae Ali, Cat Cogliandro, Ryan Davis, Nicholas Young and more!

Join in on the fun, as local artists present their talent to bring awareness to the endangered elephant's plight and the work of Peace For Elephants.

Attendance is FREE! Wine, raffles, snacks at 7 p.m.

Make You F*cking Dance!

You can catch Enforced Arch Founder, James Koroni, in Robert DeLong's new music video on with Emma Rojas and Genna Baroni! So honored to have danced for choreographer Celia Rowlson-Hall, directors Charles Alan Whitcher and Sam Stephens. I love the makeup artist, Heidi Callaway!

Robert Delong Banner


SUBJECT, 2012 from James Koroni on Vimeo.

The questions that SUBJECT asks are, "Who is a subject? To what do we subject others? Is this a subject worth considering?" In philosophy, a subject is a being that has subjective experiences, a subjective consciousness or a relationship with another entity.

In SUBJECT we reveal the intimacy of human and non-human relationships, validating them as subjects, which departs from their popular assignment as objects to be subjected to human will, whim and desire.

James Koroni, Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, 2012

In SUBJECT, I perform for, with and around these rescued farm animals at the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, and they acknowledge my presence. They are viewers. As a performer I evoke emotional responses, some jovial and affectionate and others curious and reserved. They are complex sentient being and all respond as individuals.

To meet the animals visit,

Paris Journal 2011 Part 4

James Koroni, Celine Orang, Paris, Creadanse, Enforced Arch The Eiffel Tower Freestyle Dance (La Tour l'Eiffel danse main-levée)

Celine Orang, owner of Creadanse in Paris, invited James Koroni, creative director of Enforced Arch to dance under the Eiffel Tower with the students of Creadanse led by Loïc "Speedylegz" a member of Criminalz Crew and one of Madonna's current dancers!

featuring Céline Orang James Koroni Loïc "Speedylegz"

editor James Koroni camera operator Joshua Katcher

brought to you by special thanks to

Celine Orang, Loïc "Speedylegz", James Koroni, Enforced Arch, Creadanse

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Wes Looks East

Wes VeldinkWes Veldink has inspired the dance and arts community in such a way that we will forever experience his genius. He deeply respects future generations and with recent tragedies occurring in Japan he's teamed up with his friends at CARE-WAVE to make a difference. Utilizing their creative talents by producing an evening benefit that will inform our society of what still needs our attention and raise much needed funds. As a choreographer he goes beyond its raw form of expression and transcends into compassionate vision, yet another reason why his influence will live beyond our generation.

A message from NYC FOR JPN Organizer, Wes Veldink:

CARE-WAVE founder, Mayumi Kamata has been my friend and collaborator for over two decades.  In 2007, she started CARE-WAVE following a trip to New York where she was inspired by organizations like BROADWAY CARES.  She quickly organized the artistic community in Tokyo and CARE-WAVE began.

CARE-WAVE is a nonprofit organization that stages socially conscious “CARE-WAVE AID” musicals to deliver true stories of the world, including hunger, poverty and conflict.  CARE-WAVE is committed to nourishing global awareness in children and youth through art.  Proceeds from the performances are donated to aid organizations with the aim of connecting the artists and the audience with humanitarian aid activities around the world, and to spread the wave of caring for others.

Since the earthquakes and tsunami hit Japan, CARE-WAVE has been focusing their efforts to providing relief for survivors by bringing food, water and supplies to areas affected by the recent disaster.  Kesen Numa, home to a children’s theatre company who are regular participants in CARE-WAVE AID productions is currently receiving scheduled relief runs from CARE-WAVE.

We look forward to seeing you at NYC FOR JPN!

(art heals.) Wes

You are invited to attend NYC FOR JPN, an evening of art, music and movement in support of CARE-WAVE, a non-profit organization, providing on-the-ground relief to earthquake and tsunami survivors in the Miyagi region of Japan.  Join us for a pre-show art exhibit and auction, live music and a special selection of solo dance works.  Money raised is going to hit the ground running.  It is a direct and fast way to help people now.  Let’s show our friends in JPN that NYC cares! NYC FOR JAPAN NYC FOR JAPAN Details Date:  Tuesday, May 10th, 2011 Location:  Theater 80 // 80 St. Marks Place btwn 1st & 2nd Ave Time: 6:30pm art exhibit opens // 7:00pm show Tickets: $20 silver // $50 gold // $100 platinum

Featuring solo dance works choreographed & performed by:  Lauren Adams, Tim Anderson, Jessica Hendricks, Shelly Masenoir Hutchinson, Ida Saki, Kristin Sudeikis & Jaclyn K. Walsh

Live Music:  Hazey Jane & Sarah Marzalek-Kelly

Short Films: Ayelen Liberona, Masakazu Saito & Wes Veldink

Auction Artists: Gina Beavers, Aimee G., James Kerr, Studio Marmalade & Deborah Yoon

Co-Producers:  Wes Veldink & Yoshiko Nagai Produced by:  Calm & Sense Creations with Tezoro Productions Production Manager:  Venita McLemore

Tickets: Limited advance tickets available online, remainder will be available at the door. Facebook Event Page Youtube playlist of participating artists CARE-WAVE website

WAYS TO DONATE TO CARE-WAVE:  If you are unable to attend the event, please send your support to CARE-WAVE by mailing an INTERNATIONAL MONEY ORDER / CASHIERS CHECK addressed to CARE-WAVE.

Please mail your donation to - CARE-WAVE c/o Chieko Yanagisawa Yato-Cho 2-1-24-1207 Nishi-Tokyo-City, Tokyo 188-0001 Japan

OR click here to donate now using your credit card.

Too Young

Young Girl WorkingTremendous injustice is occurring all over the world. The most innocent and fragile of living creatures have no voice. Children are making textiles, toys (which they will never play with) and matches, among many other items. We call this Child labor. Child Trafficking is another malicious form of modern slavery. Each day, more children are trafficked into prostitution, forced labor, child marriage and other slavery-like conditions. Each day sees the growth of skills and experience of traffickers and those who purchase trafficked persons. Isn't slavery illegal? I guess not.

Child TraffickingIn our society we seek the most "delicious" food and at what cost? Do we know at what level of cruelty the farmers reach for particular forms of meat or dairy? Male chicks are useless to egg farms so they are simply plucked up and loaded into a grinder or left in a dumpster to die.

Male Chicks in GrinderVeal production is also a bi-product of the dairy industry. It's beyond me how this kind of medieval torture is still around? Pulled from their mother immediately after birth, fed an anemic diet in a wooden crate to small to lie down in and then killed after 18 or 20 weeks.

Veal CratesYou may ask what can I do about this? Being informed should be your first bit of effort. There are so many resources online for you to peruse. Then avoid companies that use child labor, create artistic works that educate your audiences, avoid cruel farming practices and you'll make a world of difference. All we have is each other to rely upon. It isn't difficult to be compassionate. It's simply difficult to know these ethical issues exist and then not do anything about it!

Not such a 'Bad Babysitter'

Princess Superstar I recently danced for Princess Superstar in Paris. She is charming, exuberant and hilarious! We met at an Olsen House fashion event. She is not only a fantastic DJ selling out houses all over Europe and Asia but also an animal rights activist.

Princess Superstar, James Koroni, Celine Orang

She asked me to team up with her as choreographer and dancer for her performance at Paris Vegan Day. When I first heard her tracks I could not stop pressing repeat and found myself distracted for hours dancing to songs of hers like 'LICKY' and 'Bad Babysitter.' I immediately began sharing her music with all of my friends. I love this feeling! Check it out for yourself!

I needed a talented and professional dancer to accompany me so I contacted Bonnie Erickson the Educational Director at Broadway Dance Center. She introduced me to Celine Orang a fellow vegetarian, dancer and owner of Creadanse school in Paris. She and I worked through choreography, rehearsals and costuming for our performance with Princess Superstar, which was a huge success. This year Paris Vegan Day brought in about 5,000 people! Can you imagine how this concert must have gone?

The musicians preceding Princess Superstar were not of the same genre as her, some were groovy and others were hard rock. She was not worried saying, "We'll get them dancing," and within 30 seconds this came true. One of my favorite moments was when the song 'Party People (JUMP)' was thrown into the mix. She speaks French fluently and rather than screaming jump she yelled "SAUTE," which most dancers know means JUMP in French. Well I just about lost it. I joined Parisians in the crowd yelling, "Party people wanna SAUTE SAUTE, Party people wanna SAUTE SAUTE!"

Princess Superstar, James Koroni, Celine Orang

We went NON-STOP for an hour when Princess Superstar said that she and her unborn child needed to get to bed. Seriously?! She flew to France, rocked out at Paris Vegan Day, got the crowd partying, and meanwhile she was 4 months along. She has certainly inspired us all. I can't wait to see more of Princess Superstar in the future.

Photography by Joshua Katcher of